Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello everyone! I am futzing with the layout and the header design, so please be patient with me during this bumbling transition! I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm not really sure what I'm doing right now either, haha! Hopefully I'll have everything smoothed out in no time!

That's not the only thing changing around here - I'm also FINALLY changing jobs! WOO HOO!!!! Most people that read this are my real life friends and family and already know this information, but I am SO excited about it, I'm sharing again! After a year and a half of juggling, stress, no sleep, and no insurance, I'm going back to my favorite place - the library!

Michigan Tech's Library!

I've been working in libraries for over a decade now, and I've worn many different hats along the way. I started as a page, putting materials away, and ended up running school libraries! My new position is going to be a bit different from anything I've done before, but I'm excited! YAY!

Isn't it inviting?

I'm especially excited to have insurance for the first time in almost two years! There also seem to be some nice fringe benefits - including a new computer and iPhone 5, AND they are paying for the phone bill too, NICE! I'm really excited to have a stable schedule and time to work out and cook for myself and my husband!

I'm also excited about some new blogging ideas I've been playing around with lately! For my last birthday I got a bunch of really awesome cookbooks, one of which is called "The Homemade Pantry." Since moving to the UP Martin and I have tried to rely less on supermarkets and make things ourselves. I've been DYING to dig in to this book, and I've never really had the time to do so. Now I'm playing with an idea to challenge myself (a la Julie & Julia style) to make all the recipes in this book and compare the homemade version with the store bought version! What do you think? Good idea?

YAY for homemade! :) 

I'm also really excited about trying my hand at cheese making, more crafting, and finally finishing the decorating of this here house! I seriously can't want for these changes to start, YAY! 

Excited Yooper Love!