Sunday, May 20, 2012

And then he said "About what?"

I've been playing with the idea of starting a blog about living in the UP of Michigan almost since the day we closed on our house a year ago. We had so many Mayberry moments before I even packed my things to move up here that I knew I'd want to record them for the future. So what did I do? Absolutely NOTHING! I still remember some of those experiences in vivid detail, but others are fading fast, and some are completely gone! I've been living up here for just shy of a year now and I can't believe how much I've changed, and how much that has to do with my surroundings and the Yooper way of life. I plan on reflecting on our life together, cooking adventures, crafting creations, and my overwhelming Pinterest obsession on here! I hope you'll enjoy a peek into our lives.

Speaking of "our," the title of this post is courtesy of my loving husband, Martin. I mentioned to him that I was thinking about starting a blog and his response was to stare blankly at me and ask, "About what?" I was so shocked that he didn't jump on my blogging bandwagon that I got the "I'll show HIM!" mentality and started one right then and there! We're interesting! We do things! We experiment with foods! We make things! We can TOTALLY be the next Young House Love couple to watch, right? RIGHT? Okay, maybe not, but we DO have a 100 year old house that we are updating as we can afford it, are passionate about saving money where we can, and are willing to try making things at home that most people would just buy from the store. Thus, I am justified in creating this blog. So... there! 

So I'll close tonight with a little yooper tidbit for you - you MIGHT be living in the UP if it is 95 and dry as dust on Saturday, and 50 and HAILING on Sunday. I may have grown up in Chicago, but I don't think I recall that much of a weather switch up in less than one day! I mean... rain, sure! We could use some rain! But HAIL? Chunks of ice flying at our house after sweating all over the place just hours prior? Nope... that's pure Michigan for ya! :) 

Yooper Love! 


  1. I hope you learn to love the U.P. Most of my childhood memories occur in Copper Harbor! I have some great friends who work at Wimple Radio too! Oh yeah, cool blog!

    I assume you've been to "The Monks" before, but if not, you are missing out!! They have some of the best jams, muffins and caramels I've ever had! Here is a link to their website:

    1. I think the UP is an absolutely beautiful, interesting place, and I'm adjusting just fine! It's certainly different from Chicago, but NOT WORSE! :)

      Oh we are absolutely SMITTEN with the Monks! I just mentioned them on my most recent post! Thanks for reading!