Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Planning Monday... or is it?

Wow! I took a look at my June calendar yesterday and I can't believe how much is going on this month! Yesterday was my 29th birthday - full of yummy treats and delicious eats! I had to work in the morning, and even though that was a bummer, the kids that I worked with we're pretty on the ball and I was determined to not let anything bug me! It was a smooth shift, but having to get up and be at work by 7 in the morning didn't leave me with a lot of desire to go out and party in the evening! We DID go to Pilgrim River Steak House in Houghton, MI for a decadent birthday meal! I've been cutting back on my meat intake the last few months, but we really indulged last night! YUMM-O! 

But now I'm looking at this week and I'm not even sure how much planning we need to do! I'm working tonight and tomorrow morning, then we are going to visit some friends in Wisconsin for a few days, then I'm working ALL DAY on Thursday and Friday! Oh boy! We figure that we only need to have a few ideas ready to go for dinner this week, so here are the three that we decided on. 

Dinner #1: Quinoa Broccoli Cheese Casserole (Favorite & Co-op Bulk Items) Confession. The last time I made this the top of my nutmeg was loose, and nearly half a bottle fell into the bowl! I spent A LONG TIME trying to fish out as much as humanly possible, but I really should have just cut my loses. It was ruined. Almost inedible! Even though we both love this dish, I admit I've been gun shy about trying to make it again! It's time. It will be perfection, of course! 


Dinner #2: Lisa Oz's Lentils with Chia Seeds (Pinterest & Co-op Bulk Items) This will be the first time cooking red lentils - I'm pretty pumped! It sounds pretty yummy, so I sure hope it will be! 

Red Lentils AND Chia Seeds... almost too healthy! 

Dinner #3: Grilled Chicken Salad - No fancy picture or recipe around here! We just have some left over arugula that we need to find a use for! We have one or two chicken breasts in the freezer that would make this into a meal! :) 

June is going to be quite a ride! A dear friend is going to be visiting US next week for a few days (fingers crossed!) and hopefully you'll get to see some of our favorite places around our parts -  after all, that's what a City Girl does to show some Yooper Hospitality! YAY! Bring on the summer! :) 

Yooper Love!

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  1. I enjoyed your post, minus the use of Yumm- O