Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wellness Wednesday: Mental Health!

Hi everyone! Boy, I'm feeling the aftermath of a long day, followed by a short night of sleeping, followed by a short day of work, and a WHIRLWIND of a trip from the UP to the north woods of Wisconsin! Are you ready for another edition of Wellness Wednesday? Well here we go! 

Let's talk about the power of "mental health" days, shall we? Yesterday, the hubs and I jumped in our car and drove a bit over three hours away to spend the night in Wisconsin with some family friends. Mid-week trips are pretty rad (and feel a little sneaky too), but the BIG NEWS is that this trip marked the first trip I've taken outside of Michigan since my honeymoon in January! I am a prisoner NO MORE! I drew a line in the sand, declared that I would indeed be taking time for me, and left. Glory be! 

Did we do much? No! Is that amazing? Yes! We ate good food in a great location with AMAZING friends, and even though I am weary now, I feel restored! If all goes according to plan, I will have a few more days away to visit family and friends at home later on this month! Oh it just sounds too good to be true! :) 

Back to the day! We were invited to crash in on a family visit of a dear friend. Her grandmother lives in the north woods of Wisconsin, and man were the surroundings beautiful! Sure, we live near Superior too, but it's always beautiful and fun to see from different angles! Here's a peak into the little that we did and saw while away! 

How awesome is the Lincoln Log cabin we got to stay in?! The view was unbelievable! 

The backyard of the cabin was once home to a quarry! See the markings? 

Exploring the backyard and shoreline of Lake Superior, beautiful! 

We got to play the most polite, friendliest games of Scrabble I've EVER had the pleasure to participate in last night! The kiddos were pretty wiped out from their full day, but even so, mom and grandma were up throughout the night a few times and up and at 'em pretty early! There were so sweet and got all the kids ready and out the door for a morning hike and let us sleep in! There is something about sleeping in when you are really worn out that is just... magical... isn't it??? 

This morning we did some more visiting and explored the nearby town! Shopping and beautiful sights? Okay! I'm in! 
I like to call this, "The Many Faces of Martin & Beatrice!" She's so sweet! 
No one can feel at all down when a baby is smiling, clapping, and grabbing for you, am I right? I was playing with Bea this morning, but she was absolutely fascinated with Martin's beard! She kept flirting with him, and finally I grabbed the camera and handed her over! How sweet were these two?!
Exploring the town, and SHOPPING! 
Of course our camera decided that it was time for the battery to die way before we were done taking pictures! I have a few on my camera, but I'm not going to wait until I get them on my computer to finish this post! Maybe I'll add them in if they look good!

So there you have it! Hiking, Scrabble, visiting, sleeping, eating, and SHOPPING made this a Wellness Wednesday that I would gladly repeat!

Well, now that I'm back home in the UP, it is only appropriate to end this with a big dash of... Yooper Love!

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